Club Challenge
The club challenge for 2018 was to build a rocket that has only one streamer for recovery and launch it at the October meeting.  The one that stayed aloft for the longest was the winner.

Just to add a bit of spice to the challenge everyone was limited to an A impulse motor.

The member who produced the longets flight was Dave Bishop with his scratch-built 'Cougar'.  No-one came near his impressive 47.88 seconds.

John Jacomb of FAIR gave sime impressive demo flights with his FAI rocket and piston launch system.  It's a good job he wasn't a mamber because his 105.93 second flight would have seen our shiny new trophy heading to Essex!
Club Challenge
Streamer Duration
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Place Name Rocket name Motor Time (sec)
1 Dave B Cougar 1/2 A3-4 47.88
2 Phil Little'un A10-3 31.78
3 Phil Little'un 1/2 A3-4 30.13
4 Phil Big'un A8-3 20.28
5 Dave B Summit A10-3 19.59
6 Dave B Summit A10-3 17.91
7 Dave B Catapult A8-3 15.57
8 Dave T A8-3 13.62
9 Dave T A8-3 12.28
10 Tom Flying Carrot A8-3 7.59
Demo John FAI 105.93
Demo John FAI 15.93
The picture shows Dave receiving the FOG Challenge Trophy.
There are some videos of the competition on the FOG You Tube channel HERE.
The Story of Ernie the Eagle
The FOG Annual Challenge trophy has an interesting history.  During WW2 many RAF pilots did their basic training in the USA.  One of the training schools, number 5 Basic Flying Training School (5BFTS), was at Clewiston Florida run by the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

In the 1960s the British students and American staff of 5BFTS held a reunion dinner in London.  Two brass table pieces were presented to 5BFTS by the owners of Embry Riddle.  After dinner the brass representations of the university emblem, Ernie the Eagle, were given to the Chairman and Secretary of the 5BFTS association.  This was the one presented to the Secretary Mr F.R.Charlesworth.

5BFTS Association held its last reunion dinner in 2013 before being wound up.  This left Ernie without a role so he was pleased and proud to accept a new role in aviation as the FOG Annual Challenge trophy.

You can find out more about 5BFTS HERE