Club Challenge
Have you ever built a heliroc?  Do you know what a heliroc is?  Read on....

A heliroc is a rocket that deploys several blades at apogee instead of a parachute or streamer.  These blades autorotate to control the descent of the rocket.

The club challenge for 2018 is to build a heliroc and launch it at the October meeting.  The one that stays aloft for the longest wins.

Just to add a bit of spice to the challenge everyone has to use an A impulse motor.
Club Challenge
Some designs
Apogee's Heliroc Kit  looks interesting if you're trying helirocs for the first time.  There are a series of videos showing how to assemble it: video 1, video 2, video 3video 4video 5, video 6video 7 .  These might give you some ideas for your own design.

There's some useful information about designing your own heliroc by George Gassaway.  These are aimed at B impulse motors, but the Rotaroc design has been flown successfully on A impulse.  Follow this link for more information.
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